crouton-demo ... is currently Down :(. Download the local python version instead!

The current JSON used is:
{"deviceInfo": {"description": "Kroobar's IOT devices", "name": "crouton-demo", "color": "#4D90FE", "status": "good", "endPoints": {"youTubeStream": {"title": "YouTube Stream", "values": {"youtubeID": "GZnb3jQ2YZo"}, "card-type": "crouton-video-youtube"}, "barDoor": {"title": "Bar Main Door", "values": {"value": 554}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-text", "units": "people entered"}, "danceLights": {"title": "Dance Floor Lights", "values": {"value": true}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-toggle", "labels": {"true": "ON", "false": "OFF"}}, "discoLights": {"min": 0, "values": {"red": 198, "green": 128, "blue": 0}, "card-type": "crouton-rgb-slider", "title": "RGB Lights", "max": 255}, "customMessage": {"title": "Billboard Message", "values": {"value": "Happy Hour is NOW!"}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-input"}, "reset": {"icons": {"icon": "cutlery"}, "values": {"value": true}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-button", "title": "Reset Cards"}, "occupancy": {"values": {"labels": [], "series": 78}, "centerSum": true, "units": "%", "title": "Occupancy", "card-type": "crouton-chart-donut", "total": 100}, "barLightLevel": {"min": 0, "values": {"value": 30}, "units": "percent", "title": "Bar Light Brightness", "card-type": "crouton-simple-slider", "max": 100}, "backDoorLock": {"icons": {"true": "lock", "false": "lock"}, "values": {"value": false}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-toggle", "labels": {"true": "Locked", "false": "Unlocked"}, "title": "Employee Door"}, "drinks": {"title": "Drinks Ordered", "values": {"value": 1174}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-text", "units": "drinks"}, "temperature": {"values": {"update": "", "labels": [1], "series": [[60]]}, "title": "Temperature (F)", "low": 58, "card-type": "crouton-chart-line", "max": 11, "high": 73}, "lastCall": {"icons": {"icon": "bell"}, "values": {"value": true}, "card-type": "crouton-simple-button", "title": "Last Call Bell"}, "drinksOrdered": {"title": "Drinks Ordered", "values": {"labels": ["Scotch", "Shiner", "Rum & Coke", "Margarita", "Other"], "series": [10, 20, 30, 10, 30]}, "centerSum": false, "card-type": "crouton-chart-donut", "total": 100}}}}